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Join Us for our First Annual

Soul Professional Summit

February 21-23, 2023 | Savannah, GA
VIP Day: February 24, 2023

Awaken your financial and spiritual potential

The Soul Professional Movement

Aligning Who You Are With What You Do

 What it is . . .

A global model of highly successful evolved and authentic business owners, entrepreneurs, and conscious leaders who dovetail their professional and personal lives.  We disrupt the idea of what a professional should be by creating an all-inclusive community for like-minded members to awaken their financial and spiritual potential. Our mission is to advance our professional members by lending credence to their nonconforming way of doing business and supporting their personal interests and education without the woo-woo stigma


 Why it's needed . . .

When soul-aligned, purpose-driven business owners and conscious leaders are recognized and respected in the professional world for who they are, they will build robust businesses that give back in meaningful ways and help repair the world. 

 Who are Soul Professionals  . . .

Soul Professionals are members of NLBP who live in a higher vibration, have an alternative approach to business, and are here to help repair the world.

Are you a
Soul Professional?

Align Soulfully

Evolve Personally

Thrive Professionally

NLBP focuses on highly successful Business Owners and Executives who lead six and seven-figure businesses while embodying their true authentic selves. They are passionate about their purpose and wish to co-create with others that think and lead from their soul.


There is no other organization that gathers like-minded, soul-aligned entrepreneurs in a business and mindset incubator style like NLBP.  

Are you ready to awaken your financial and spiritual potential?

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Courage to Align Your Business With Your Core Values

NLBP is the birth of a new professional organization

As a member you belong to an ecosystem of Soul Professionals     with an abundance mindset, wanting to build innovative, robust businesses reflecting their soul, and positively impacting the world.  We embrace the idea that personal growth happens through inner work and inner work creates outer our success. 

What Makes NLBP Different

We are a Non-Conforming Professional Organization

NLBP is a unique professional community specifically designed to help you build wealth and community with other conscious members. Soul Professionals      who want to inspire humanity, give back in meaningful ways, and create a heart-centered business model for future generations. One might say we have an alternative approach to business.




Be a part of think tanks and accountability triads with in-depth discussions.

#SoulProfessional Purpose Beyond Profit Collaboration



A safe space to awaken your financial and spiritual potential. Expand personally and thrive professionally.

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Your first step to membership! Meet our Founder & like-minded  members from around the world and get your questions answered.

#SoulProfessional Purpose Beyond Profit  Networking
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Connect with Soul Professionals with your same core soul-aligned values.

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Programs specifically geared to help Soul Professionals build their businesses and lead authentically. 

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Membership includes a listing in our widely used, unique global directory of Soul Professionals across all fields and professions. 

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