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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Life is fast moving and complicated. There’s a lot you can do to simplify your life and still get more accomplished. There’s a seemingly endless supply of “hacks” online. There are hacks for business, your love life, exercise, and everything else under the sun. Getting through all the hacks requires a hack of its own.

Keep things simple and focus on a few powerful strategies:

1. Make a short list. The fewer things you try to accomplish, the more you’ll get done. Make a daily list of 2-3 most important things you want to complete with your business. And, add to the list 2-3 of the most important things you want to accomplish personally. This will give you more balance throughout your day. Make a new list for the weekend.

In our line of work as soul-aligned entrepreneurs and conscious business owners we need the balance of time at work and personal rejuvenation. The act of making the list will force you to prioritize so you can finish the most important tasks. Don't forget your "me" time!

2. Focus on one thing at a time. Switching back and forth between two or more tasks is inefficient. Learn to focus on just one thing until it’s complete. Silence your phones, background noise, and email. Try this for a week and your will notice a difference in your productivity almost immediately.

3. Simplify your diet. The next time you’re at the grocery store, stick to the edges of the store. What do you find there? Lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and dairy. Throw in some nuts and healthy whole grains and you have a healthy diet. The center is all processed foods and junk. You’ll save both time and money while doing wonders for your health.

4. Try to limit your emails to five sentences. If an email is five sentences, no one will complain that your email is too short or too long. You can maintain relationships without spending a lot of time typing a senseless email. Personally engage when you can to create relationships.

5. Go to bed early and get up early. Late nights don't help you stay productive during the day. It’s probably spent watching TV while nodding off in your favorite chair. Get in the habit of turning off the electronics and creating a winding down routine so your body knows the day is over and it’s time to rest. You’ll body will rest peacefully and restore itself naturally and bonus, you'll get more done during the day.

6. Sort your mail as soon as you get home. Each day, grab the mail and stand over the garbage can. Throw out the junk and sort the rest. Put it all away in the appropriate place. Save your time and energy for more important tasks.

7. Work offline. It seems that more and more work must be completed on the computer, but there are pitfalls to working online – the internet and social media. The internet provides tremendous resources, but it’s also the perfect way to waste a lot of time on emails and social media. Most of our businesses need both but plan times to get off the computer. If you work from home this might be a great time to go socialize, network, or just read a good book.

Try out these seven hacks and see how they impact your life.

What other hacks could you add? Consider where you seem to waste the most time. This is a prime area for developing a hack of your own. Keep it super simple and life will be easier

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