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My PSYCH-K® Journey

My two passions have always been helping people grow a business around a personal passion and awakening my own spiritual curiosity.  For decades I have led others to success and coached them to achieve their highest level of potential by breaking through whatever limiting beliefs were holding them back.  In 2018, while doing my doctoral research on cellular change in thought and what lead some people to be more successful than others, I routinely came across the mentioning of PSYCH-K®. After the third time PSYCH-K® crossed my path, I took the hint from Spirit and reached out to a long time NLBP member to get further explanation of the process. After an informative coffee meeting, I became intrigued with the concept and registered for the basic training class the following month. . . It blew my mind!

Six-Figure Soul® Strategy Sessions

​Private & Individualized Business Growth Strategy Sessions with PSYCH-K®

​​I help entrepreneurs throughout the world to overcome resistance, fear, and limiting beliefs ultimately unlocking their conscious wisdom creating the life and business they truly love! - Camille Miller

Ever Wonder Why Your Life Doesn't Reflect the Wisdom You Possess?

Your beliefs are the foundation of your personality. They define you as worthy or worthless, powerful or powerless, competent or incompetent, trusting or suspicious, belonging or outcast, self-reliant or dependent, flexible or judgmental, fairly treated or victimized, loved or hated. Your beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, have far reaching consequences in your life. Beliefs affect your moods, relationships, job performance, self-esteem, physical health, even your spiritual outlook.  The practical application of PSYCH-K® allows the aligning of subconscious beliefs with conscious wisdom for an accelerated evolution to your goals.

The practical application of PSYCH-K® allows the aligning of subconscious beliefs with conscious wisdom for an accelerated evolution to your goals.  
What do you really want? 

Work with Camille

​I offer a very limited amount of sessions per month for those wanting dramatic change.  PSYCH-K® is not like talk therapy. There is no need to do consecutive sessions on a regular basis if you'd like to work on a single issue; however, after you experience the first shift you may feel the need to work on more areas for change or work towards a bigger goal. For those wanting a serious deep dive into their life, business, money, health, & relationships I offer a 12 week Transformational Coaching Package to work with me. This is for elite-achievers to help you become and stay prosperous. We work on your business design and mindset with weekly sessions and homework. I only carry 1-2 clients at a time so there is usually a waitlist. 

I DO NOT HEAL. I help you with the facilitation of change. You are in control of what you want to happen. I specifically work on business related issues although from my experience, limiting beliefs in business are usually buried in a personal issue of self-worth or loss.  There is no need to relive any experience with PSYCH-K®.  It is a noninvasive process that has immediate results. 

All sessions are done via Zoom video conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PSYCH-K®​?

PSYCH-K is a spiritual process with physical, mental, and emotional benefits. It's backed by science and has a proven record of success. The process assists people in changing their lives in positive and expansive ways by immediately changing their self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level, into self-enhancing ones that support them, in just minutes!  PSYCH-K® aligns your subconscious beliefs with conscious wisdom. A PSYCH-K® Balance will transform any subconscious resistance you may have to achieving your goal. 

​​​"Changing subconscious beliefs creates potential. Putting them into action creates results"
- Rob Williams, Founder of PSYCH-K®


Initial Intake Session   $397.00  

A deep dive into your situation and business. We take time to discover where you are now and what you want instead. We talk about your fears, desires, and any barriers standing in your way. Once determined, balances are used to implement the new self-enhancing beliefs. For some this is heavy in their business strategy for others its unloading self-destructive thoughts. You will be given action steps and a plan to move forward dovetailing your personal and professional lives. This session usually lasts up to 90 minutes.

General Session   $297.00

After the initial intake session, subsequent sessions can be used for a new area of growth or to build on the issues identified during a previous session.  These sessions are meant for single issues or follow-up work from the Intake session and not for continuous or high frequency work. For that I offer my Transformational Package below. General sessions last about 60 minutes. ​

"Thank you so much, Camille. I was so excited after our session, I wanted to jump up and down in the middle of the night! I am so grateful for your help!"

Arinya, Thailand

Author & Healer

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