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The Natural Life Business Partnership

Soul Professional Summit

February 21-23, 2023 | Savannah, GA
VIP Day: February 24, 2023

Awaken your financial and spiritual potential

Happening for the first time at Embassy Suites, Savannah, Georgia 

First Annual

Soul Professional Summit

An Interactive Experience to Network. Connect. Grow.

Three days filled with impactful, motivating, and soul-based interactive training as well as a personalized networking experience specifically designed for our unique audience (introverts we got you!).

Learn from seasoned 
soul-aligned professionals
Build wholesome relationships and authentic business connections
Awaken your spiritual and financial potential

It's the only Soul Professional Experience of its kind.

Experience the paradigm shift as you create your business in alignment with who you are. Three days filled with fun and interactive workshops, yoga, meditation,  networking with other like-minded souls, group tours, a river cruise, and much more!


You will leave knowing everyone in the room

Each session is a hands-on experience working on your business

Fill your Summit notebook with nuggets of brilliance from sessions

Discover yourself and build your business soulfully!

Networking Event_edited.jpg
Motivational Speaker

Get Ready to...


Align Soulfully

Collaborate with highly successful business owners who lead six and seven-figure businesses while embodying their true authentic selves. They are passionate about their purpose and wish to co-create with others that think and lead from their soul. We share a higher vibration and an alternative approach to business that focuses on building wealth in alignment with who we are


Evolve Personally

This unique Soul Professional community believes that our inner work leads to our outer success.  Each session is led by a master trainer and Soul Professional who has done the work and built a highly successful business.  You will be guided through the inner work, outer work, and higher work it takes for success to awaken your financial and spiritual potential.


Thrive Professionally

This summit is specifically designed to create lasting connections and transform your business.  Our speakers are sought-after thought leaders who are changing the way business is done. You will learn best practices to build financially sound, thriving businesses that impact the world.  We promise you will be motivated, engaged, and enlightened.

Our Summit is NOT business as usual!

We are bridging the gap between your personal growth and your financial potential with high-level business development strategists and leaders teaching from our main stage then joining us for personalized breakout sessions. 

You will learn the skills to create and sustain a highly successful, wealth-building business with interactive sessions from master trainers in soul-aligned writing, conscious leadership, creating powerful content, and building a thriving business with an abundance mindset

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

At this Summit, you will...


Grow your business

This summit will bring together a unique group of the brightest and most accomplished soul-aligned professionals in a business incubator style to help you meet others with the same values and serve more.


Deepen your spirituality

Tap into your higher vibration by co-creating with others on the same conscious path and participating in our self-care series and daily yoga and meditation sessions. Get inspired by a collaborative network of soul professionals.


Awaken your financial potential

With purpose over profit, an abundant mindset, and a heart-centered business model tailored specifically for soul-aligned entrepreneurs, you can awaken your financial potential and change the world entirely!

Public Speaker
Relaxing in Park

Our summit is the face-to-face opportunity we have missed these past few years.

Come to discover yourself and meet others who are also here to repair the world.

There is a paradigm shift happening in the world.  People like you are creating businesses in alignment with who they are as people. Our First Annual Soul Professional Summit celebrates the huge success of the organization, the launch of our collaborative book The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul Aligned Business: 25 Practical Strategies from the Experts, and business owners working from authenticity.

Working from Home

Who is attending...

Professional Woman Portrait_edited_edite
  • Visionary CEOs and conscious leaders who lead a purpose-driven business and want to co-create with other like-minded professionals helping to repair the world.

  • Soul-aligned entrepreneurs wanting to uplevel their business acumen while awakening their financial and spiritual potential.  

  • Mission-driven professionals who want to experience an interactive Summit of epic proportions while learning with others and making new friends.

Why attend. . .

“Awaken your spiritual and financial potential”

Business Growth

An interactive summit of epic proportions

Celebrate with us the success of NLBP and join hands for the launch of our exclusive collaborative book and the paradigm shift happening in the world as people create businesses in alignment with who they are.


Build soulful connections

Attend round table conferences, and gain new friends and business connections with soul-aligned business owners and executives just like you through our premiere conference and a nurturing networking experience.


Learn from the experts

Learn from the accomplished business leaders who have to build their 6 and 7-figure businesses across the globe in a beautifully diverse, inspiring and supporting environment through fun and interactive sessions to catapult your success.

Summit Overview

Jumpstart your day with early morning yoga so you can focus on whatever the day holds


Grab a cooked-to-order breakfast with new friends and mingle before the first session


Main room opens daily by 8AM with interactive sessions specifically tailored for our soul professional community and taught by master instructors


Co-create with highly successful, sought-after thought leaders as they share their soulful business brilliance in a reciprocal format. We are not hearing lectures about what to do; we are doing it together.


Author Hours are scattered throughout the four days so you can take advantage of small group workshops facilitated by our amazing collaborative book authors on topics such as Human Design, Fueling your Body, Small Business Marketing and more


We move the Summit to the river for Wednesday lunch where everyone joins us for a narrated harbor river cruise.


There is plenty of time to experience Savannah with a longer lunch break on Thursday so you can walk the town, relax by the pool, or grab a friend and do a trolly tour


Every evening we join for cocktails and conversation in the hotel to connect with each other, get books signed, make dinner plans, or just unwind from the day and follow up with speakers


Throughout the event, there will be nurturing networking experience so you leave with lots of business connections and new friends


Narrated Harbor Luncheon Cruise

All ticket holders get to experience Georgia’s southern hospitality on the Savannah Riverboat Cruise during our Wednesday afternoon lunch session

Come ready to relax and feast on a delicious southern-style buffet all while cruising along the Savannah River listening to our Captain’s intriguing tales and historic facts.  Time to meet new friends while enjoying the local cuisine.

Our lunch will include Savannah Shrimp & Grits, the best Southern Fried Chicken in the South, Southern Greens, Sweet Potato Soufflé, Dessert and more!

After the cruise, we resume afternoon sessions and then end the day with another gathering and book signing in the hotel bar area.

Our Main Stage Speakers & Group Facilitators

Soul Professionals who have built their six and seven-figure businesses with NLBP

Meet Our Keynote Speaker


Camille Miller MBA, Ph.D. ABD,

Founder and Chief Visionary for NLBP and the Pioneer for the Soul Professional Movement.

Recognized as the pioneer of the Soul Professional Movement, Camille Miller is an international speaker, seasoned executive, business strategist, and PSYCH-K facilitator. She is also the Founder and Chief Visionary of the Natural Life Business Partnership, a global professional organization for visionary CEOs, Business Owners, and leaders who are passionate about their purpose and wish to co-create with others that think and lead from their soul. Camille is the creator and host of the weekly podcast Six-Figure Souls: Doing Good and Making Money®, which highlights soul-aligned entrepreneurs who crushed the six-figure ceiling and still feel in alignment with the Universe and their purpose. She also recently released her debut book, The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business which hit Amazon Bestseller status in six categories including Starting a Business and Personal Transformation & Spirituality.

Camille will be your hostess and MC for the entire event. She will be at every gathering from Tuesday night registration through the close of the VIP day Friday afternoon. Please feel free to bring your books for her to sign too! Camille will kick off the event as our Keynote speaker on Tuesday and share her wisdom throughout the days on the evolution of business and creating a soul professional community. 


“Brave Words Change the World: A Writing Workshop for Soul-Aligned Business Owners”

Laura Di Franco
“Brave Words Change the World: A Writing Workshop for Soul-Aligned Business Owners”

Laura is the CEO of Brave Healer Productions, which specializes in publishing and business strategy for holistic health and wellness professionals. She has a 30-year background in holistic physical therapy, 14 years of training in the martial arts, and has published over 40 Amazon bestselling books, including 9 of her own. She's a spoken-word poet, lover of dark chocolate, and has a contagious passion for sharing brave words that help you build your business.


“How to Create a Thriving Business Around Your Life in 2023 and Beyond”

Prati Kaufman
“How to Create a Thriving Business Around Your Life in 2023 and Beyond”

Prati is a leading Global Marketing and Human Energy Expert with 20+ years of marketing experience and lifetime of tuning into her inner wisdom. 
She combines her marketing experience with one-of-a-kind human energy assessment to help small business owners get in front of the right audience with laser-focused, integrated marketing.


“Stop Overworking & Start Overflowing: Your Secret Strategy to Designing a Thriving Business and Life”

Kristi H. Sullivan
“Stop Overworking & Start Overflowing: Your Secret Strategy to Designing a Thriving Business and Life”

Kristi H. Sullivan a Human Design and Self Care expert, author, and speaker on a mission to help busy women Stop Overworking and Start Overflowing! She hosts a virtual community for female personal development junkies (like herself) to create better wellness, improve relationships, shift mindsets, and manifest more success, wealth, and freedom - to live their best life “by design.” 


 “Becoming an In-Demand Brand”


Amy Hagar
 “Becoming an In-Demand Brand”


Amy Hager, a true marketer and community builder at heart, uses her years of experience and expertise to help coaches and consultants around the world build businesses they love at the Joyful Business Revolution.

Known around the globe for joyful business growth strategies, including the Content Personality™ Wheel and the E.X.P.A.N.D. method, Amy works with online coaches and consultants teaching them how to grow their business for GOOD, resulting in more joy, more time-off, and more profits with purpose.

Safrianna Lughna Headshot[6355].jpg

“Diversity & Inclusion: Creating Compassionate Businesses”


Safrianna Lughna
“Diversity & Inclusion: Creating Compassionate Businesses”

Guided by radical acceptance, Safrianna (LCPC, MS) cheers on the "weird" and "woo" of the world. As a therapist, educator, author, and spiritual teacher, she is a multi-passionate student of life. Her one-on-one, group and educational offerings support individuals and businesses to step into health and awareness on a multidimensional level.


"Building your business easily, efficiently, and effectively: Using Automation to Scale"

Paul B. Taubman
"Building Your Business Easily,
Efficiently, and Effectively: Using Automation to Scale"

Paul B. Taubman, II is an international Speaker, Presenter, and Trainer focusing on website strategy and marketing online. The founder of Digital Maestro, Paul leads the team to create websites that help businesses get the visibility they need and deserve. Paul speaks internationally and teaches businesses and individuals how to make more money with their websites


"Neuromarketing: the Secrets to Winning More Business"

Desirae Haluk
"Neuromarketing: the Secrets to
Winning More Business

Desirae Haluk is a neuroscientist turned marketer, running a digital marketing agency in New Jersey named Clairant. The Clairant team helps clients who have no time for marketing and solely rely on the unreliable method of word of mouth and referrals to find customers. They do this by building solid marketing foundations for healthy and steady business growth. And they have fun doing it. 


"How To Have Nutritional Wellness"


Kiki Magnuson
 “Fuel from Within: Build Your Best Self While Building Your Best Business”

Kiki Magnuson, MS, PN1,  is a Certified Nutritionist with a huge passion for nutrition and fitness. She loves helping people make sweeping improvements in their health with one-on-one coaching, support, and compassion. Nutrition is not a one-fit-all approach so Kiki specializes in each person individually along with lifestyle and behavior change.

Meryl Hayton_edited.jpg

"How to Shut Down Your Inner Critic"


Meryl Hayton
"How to Shut Down Your Inner Critic"


Meryl Hayton is a spiritual beach loving cat mom helping women RECLAIM their self worth, self trust & confidence so they feel safe to stand in their power & feel self assured to courageously own who they are & BOLDLY follow their intuition to create the relationships, business & life they want with no regrets.
She loves facilitating her clients through self discovery, self empowerment and deep healing & transformation of their inner critic by building an accepting well balanced relationship with their past, their emotions & nervous system.


“Brave Words Change the World: A Writing Workshop for Soul-Aligned Business Owners”

Jennifer Pietrzak
"Riding the Wave with WOO & WEALTH: Simple Steps to Align your Business Finances as You Grow Your Practice"

Jennifer is a Financial Manager and Certified Public Accountant with a Masters in Accounting & Taxation. She works as a Trusted Business Advisor to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses & nonprofits. Her practice centers around providing Fractional CFO support & CPA-caliber tax advisory services. 

Additional speakers being added. Please check back . . .


Don't Forget!

Bring your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul Aligned Business: 25 Practical Strategies from the Experts and get it signed by the author.

Don't have a copy yet?


Summit Starts: Tuesday, February 21 @ 4:30PM with Welcome Reception/Registration.
General Admission: February 21-23, 2023

VIP Bonus Day: Feb 24, 2023

Location: Embassy Suites, Savannah, Georgia*

In the heart of the historic district and walk to Riverfront Plaza.

General Admission |  $975  $825 

Members take an additional $150 OFF ($675)

VIP Admission (limited availability) |  $1595  $1395  
Members take an additional $200 OFF ($1195)

Early Bird Special


* Special room rates starting at $169/night. Includes cooked-to-order breakfast, wifi, and complimentary drinks at the evening reception each night. See ticket confirmation email for block code. Limited availability. 

Book Your Ticket

​What's Included in Your Ticket:

  • Tuesday  evening welcome reception and meet-and-greet party

  • Morning yoga session to start your day

  • Two full days of networking, classes, workshops, and self-care

  • Wednesday Lunch on the Savannah River Cruise

  • Evening cocktails and conversation each night

  • Closing meditation session each evening

  • Hot cook to order breakfast each morning and Happy Hour each evening (with purchase of room)

VIP Exclusive Perks:

  • All general admission perks plus...

  • Special networking VIP Dinner with VIP ticket holders and speakers (Tuesday evening)

  • Unique Savannah Ghost Tour Experience (Thursday night)

  • Extended conference experience (Friday)

  • VIP-only bonus day with Q&A speaker panel, breakout sessions, and special trainings

  • BONUS Business Bundle for after Summit success ($1500 Value). Includes free strategy sessions with participating speakers, writing and business courses,  and discounted programs to uplevel your business


Why upgrade to VIP. . .

With the VIP Ticket, you get exclusive access to Camille and all the speakers plus next-level networking with other VIP ticket holders starting Tuesday night! You also get admission to the private VIP dinner plus an extended Summit experience Friday for the VIP-only session. Only VIP ticket holders join us on Thursday night for a unique and spooky Ghost Tour experience when we visit Savannah's most haunted locations, including many featured on TV Shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.

VIP ticket holders also receive a BONUS Business Bundle for continued growth after the Summit with weeks of additional training, private One-on-One sessions with participating speakers and sponsors, plus valuable free courses and discounted programs to uplevel your business (a $1500 value).

Don't miss your chance to network with the experts and get some bonus info that will help you grow your business! VIP tickets are limited so purchase TODAY!

VIP Collaborative Business Bundle
(VIP Ticket Exclusive)

  • Toolbox of essential products and 1:1 sessions that you can help grow your soul-aligned business to six and seven figures

  • Training Courses, Workshops, checklists & eCourses in Financial Abundance, Spiritual Growth, Mindset, & Business 

  • Dozens of other business goodies

Who is NLBP?

The Natural Life Business Partnership (NLBP) is a global professional organization for highly successful, soulfully aligned CEOs, Business Owners, and Executives who lead six and seven-figure businesses all while embodying their true authentic selves. They are passionate about their purpose and wish to co-create with others that think and lead from their soul. 


There is no other organization that gathers like-minded, soul-aligned professionals in a business incubator style like NLBP.


You can't afford to miss this event!


Thank You to Our Sponsors

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Want to be a Sponsor?

Do you offer resources for business owners?

Do you have a product or program you'd like to put into the hands of more people?

  • Small logo on all materials and event landing page

  • VIP admission

  • Invite to VIP Dinner on Tuesday night

  • Your offer in our VIP Business Bundle

  • Your gift in our event swag bag

  • Medium logo on all materials and event landing page

  • VIP admissions

  • Invite to VIP Dinner on Tuesday night

  • Your offer in our VIP Business Bundle

  • Your gift in our event swag bag

  • Small vending table

  • Panel discussion guest for VIP ticket holders on Friday

  • On stage recognition

  • Large logo on all materials and event landing page

  • 2 VIP admissions

  • 2 invites to VIP Dinner on Tuesday night

  • Your offer in our VIP Business Bundle

  • Your gift in our event swag bag

  • Large vending table

  • Panel discussion guest for VIP ticket holders on Friday

  • Special on stage recognition as our premium sponsor

  • Private workshop with our VIP ticket holders


What’s the benefit to our sponsors?*

  • Get in front of a very targeted audience for 4 straight days LIVE

  • Enjoy the intimate setting of our VIP experience

  • Join our elite attendees for

    • Tuesday night dinner,

    • Wednesday lunch river cruise,

    • Thursday walking ghost tour, and our

    • Friday VIP day. 

    • Mingling during the general event

    • Evening cocktail hours plus, 

    • Exclusive access to our audience through the VIP Business Bundle.  

Does this sound like a great opportunity? 

Does this sound like a great opportunity? 


Click the button below to get more detailed information on anticipated attendees, demographics, and psychographics of our audience. More customized packages are available, please ask.  We welcome consciously aligned sustainable, and eco-friendly companies.

*We retain the right to deny any sponsorships not aligned with our branding. Sponsorship is limited.

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