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Natural Life Business Partnership
A Global Professional Organization 

NLBP was formed to lend credence to the evolution of the new Soul Professional. Designed by our founder and Chief Visionary, Camille Miller, we connect soul-aligned business owners, entrepreneurs, and conscious leaders with one another.  

Since our inception in 2016, NLBP has set out to disrupt the idea of what a “professional” should be.  We have become an unconventional professional organization providing a safe space and credibility to alternative ways of doing business. ​

NLBP brings together all fields and professions in a diverse group of people that,  normally, may not travel in the same circles. We have a reputation for serving our members in their personal and professional development, helping them create an authentic and robust alternative business while enhancing their professional status.  

Building alliances to serve, inspire, and nurture each other on a global level, we are a unique ecosystem of Soul Professionals that cooperate as does the natural world. At NLBP it's "You and Me" not "You or me."  We hold a space for our members to achieve at their highest potential through personal growth and professional expansion by offering soul-based programs, micro-communities, and think tanks based on our members’ unique needs.

NLBP gives professional credibility to your work and aligns your business with other Soul Professionals who value what you do.

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NLBP Social Initiative
The Creative Kids Project

NLBP is built on the foundation of our values:

Credibility. Accountability. Safety. Innovation. Partnership. Trust.


In keeping with these values, we are committed to providing an extraordinary standard of care and service not only to our members, sponsors, and strategic partners, but to the young people who need to be educated about the amazing soul-aligned, alternative business opportunities in the world.  


As part of our commitment to serving the alternative business professional, NLBP spearheads a global initiative called the Creative Kids Project. Camille offers her time, talents, connections, and a portion of NLBP profits to support programs and mentorships for young adults who are exploring their creative selves.  This can be through art, voice, or just opening their own authentic business.  


We are dedicated to making a true social impact and we aim to inspire others to do the same.  

The True Voice Project is our 2023  initiative. 

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