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Are you looking to build wealth while remaining soulfully aligned in your business? It's been my mission to establish a professional group of people who "get you". They understand you, they resonate with you, and they share similar values and beliefs. They believe in your passion, your philosophy, and your purpose. And, you believe in theirs. It's one of the best feelings in the world. Read about how it all started.

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My Story

We’ve been taught that being “professional” is a certain way of life. What you wear, how you present yourself, whom you know. Some of that is true, I pride myself on being “professional” but I also embrace my spirit. I speak from my heart. I do things differently. I believe in the Law of Attraction. I use alternative medicine. I talk about abundance and allowing. I’m not into the transactional side of a relationship but more of who a person is on the inside. It takes courage to align yourself with others that think differently, and it takes confidence to shift to this new way of doing business. 


That’s what led me to create Natural Life Business Partnership.  As a long-time not-for-profit executive, my heart was always driven to help others. In my last role before creating NLBP I was a natural health and organic food advocate working extensively in raising awareness around food and farming issues at the local, state, and national levels.  In that role, I witnessed many people in all different professions living a holistic lifestyle but not embracing those same values in their everyday work.  It was like they felt less than a professional if they embraced both science and soul. However, for the first time in my life, I felt I could be authentic both personally and professionally because I was in a role that allowed me to be me. 


That job was defunded in late 2015, and I found myself searching for my next position.  I was a bit lost after experiencing my dream job,  a place where I felt aligned each day and knew I was making a difference. I was searching for my soul “tribe” both personally and professionally.  I didn’t find the same level of professionalism in the holistic business organizations (a bit too woo-woo for me), so I started asking people where soul-centered professionals met and I always got the same answer, “we don’t.”  That was Dec 5, 2015, and I felt a calling to make a change. I wrote my business plan that night and three months later trademarked and launched The Natural Life Business Partnership.  


My mission was always to create a very unique professional organization, with the hopes of someday aligning ourselves with the likes of the American Medical Association, the BAR Association, or any other trade association where like-minded professionals held themselves to a higher standard. I wanted all Soul Professionals to be recognized and respected in the professional world. It was about who you are not what you do. I wanted to give credence to professionals who embraced both their logical side and their soulful side but also to provide tools and a safe space to develop their business authentically so the world could benefit. I did not know what was going to happen next, but I felt a clear calling to create a community like I never felt before. This is what I am supposed to do.  


We started as a local coffee club, but quickly spread throughout the Northeast with morning, afternoon, and nightly meetings. I was on the move. As a single, full-time mom of three teens, I knew this wasn’t sustainable. By the end of 2017, I received a phone call from someone in California who said “I can’t wait for you to get out here,” and I knew in that moment I had to make a change.  


By January 2018 we launched online via zoom and began the first no-chapter all-inclusive organization we are today. And yes, that woman in California joined so we became bi-coastal overnight! 


Over the next few years, we grew solely by word of mouth. It was a slow crawl until 2020. In February of 2020, I declared we would target the high-achieving soul-centered entrepreneur and tripled our prices. The idea was to stay small. 30 days later we were in a global pandemic.  

Just a few weeks into the pandemic we started attracting those that had been watching us over the years, who wanted a safe place to talk about their soul business as well as the skills and confidence to move to a virtual model. Something we had been teaching since 2018. We were already an established online organization, and we didn’t need to shift to be something else, so we grew rapidly. 


Fast forward to July 2021, a brand strategist approached me and said “I love what you are doing however your website doesn’t reflect the size and potential of your organization. You need to rebrand and go BIG.” It took me until September to embrace this idea, but I hired her. After months of challenging work refining our vision, purpose, and manifesto, it all dovetailed when we claimed and trademarked SOUL PROFESSIONAL as the title for our membership and launched the new website and branding. This time adding levels to our membership so we could help more budding entrepreneurs as well as our Six-Figure Souls® with mentorship and resources at any stage of their business. To date, we have created a magnificent business incubator in which any Soul Professional, regardless of their field, can thrive. 


Since then, we added micro-communities to deepen the member experience and allow our highest-tier members to serve as mentors and micro-community leaders within NLBP. We also launched additional levels of masterminds including our Soul-Leader Inner Circle for those that are well beyond the six-figure ceiling, are expanding their staff, and remain true to their calling. I am filled with joy that we now have members surpassing the $1M mark and plan additional programs to serve are conscious leaders. 

Camille L. Miller, MBA, PhD ABD

Hi! I'm Camille Miller, MBA, Bestselling Author, Alternative Business Engineer, and Business Growth Mentor extraordinaire. I believe there is no great secret to creating a massively profitable business that aligns with your authentic self. There is, however, a need to shift your mindset to get there. ✨

My mission is to guide and support you to align your SOUL with your BUSINESS and help you achieve PURPOSE BEYOND PROFIT. I combine my 30+ years as a leader and business owner with my intuitive abilities and PSYCH-K training to help you create a massively profitable business while operating from a place of authenticity.

I have had extraordinary results with highly successful, logical-brained individuals who have worked in structured settings and now want to create a business around a free-flowing lifestyle. Most of my clients walk to a different drumbeat and need help strategizing the business model of their dreams or they need tweaking of a model that has them working too hard, not producing enough money, or no longer serves them.


Six-Figure Soul Bootcamp: 12-week Financial Abundance Mentorship Program
This is a combination of 1:1 sessions plus group and online learning to inspire you to think BIG and stretch beyond what feels comfortable to get the results you want. You will leave with a personalized business strategy and a mindset to attract financial abundance. LEARN MORE

Ultimate Life Acceleration✨
This is a very individualized high-end 1:1 coaching program. We dovetail life goals, business strategy, accountability, and mindset work using PSYCH-K. It's a  minimum 12-week commitment ​to yourself and your business. For those wanting a serious deep dive into their life, business, money, health, and relationships. I only carry a few clients at a time so there is usually a waitlist.  LEARN MORE

Business Strategy Sessions: 2-Pack or 3-Pack available
If you are struggling with your next best steps, feeling stuck in your business growth, or not sure how to create a business around your skillset. This 1:1 deep-dive business strategy brainstorming package is a great way to start. Two 90-minute sessions designed to create a plan that dovetails with your dream life and business and one optional 60-minute follow-up session. I provide written action steps, notes, and accountability. CONTACT ME

Join the Soul Professional Society at NLBP
A global online business incubator for soul-aligned entrepreneurs making their mark in the world. FREE, Premium, and VIP level memberships help every Soul Professional with business growth at an affordable price. LEARN MORE

If any of this feels in alignment or you're curious about my work contact me for a free chat.

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