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The Natural Life Business Partnership


Free Masterclass Series

NLBP is proud to present our free monthly Masterclass Series for our community and future members. Each month is taught by a Soul Professional who has expert knowledge or skill in a particular area of business. The curriculum for each Masterclass is designed by the instructor and is an immersive learning experience. All programs are recorded and stored in our Learning Academy for later reference.  Monthly masterclasses are free and open to all soul-aligned entrepreneurs at any level of success.

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Simple Steps to Align your Business Finances

As an ally to CEO’s & management teams, Jennifer will help you see around financial corners as you run and expand your day-to-day business. She will dig into raw numbers with an eye on profitability to make strategic decisions around people, pricing, and processes. Most businesses are anxiously poised to inquire about tax deductions. As a soul professional she has so much more to offer! Open to a paradigm shift towards abundance. She encourages entrepreneurs at many levels to rise to their fullest potential. 

Jennifer Pietrzak, CPA, Fractional CFO, Financial Manager Is a Financial Manager and Certified Public Accountant with a Masters in Accounting & Taxation. She works as a Trusted Business Advisor to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses & nonprofits. Her practice centers around providing Fractional CFO support & CPA-caliber tax advisory services. 

Jennifer Pietrzak, CPA

Fractional CFO, Financial Manager

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Who is NLBP?

We are a non-conforming and integrated professional organization for soul-aligned business owners, entrepreneurs, and conscious leaders who want to build wealth and create greater social impact.

We are a business and mindset incubator that is designed to awaken the financial and spiritual potential in each member to build wealth in all areas of life. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a global movement and safe professional community for the evolution of the new, purpose-driven, soul-aligned professional. By building alliances, strengthening our mindset and repairing the world collaboratively.

Our Purpose

We have a unique value proposition combining an alternative way of doing business with building wealth and professionalism. Our goal at NLBP is to spread awareness that there is a new way to do business.

Join us for our free monthly masterclass specifically for soul-aligned business owners, entrepreneurs, and conscious leaders. 

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Come Learn Differently With Us!!!

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