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The Natural Life Business Partnership


Free Masterclass Series
with Camille Miller

We are proud to present our FREE monthly Masterclass Series for the soul-led business community. Camille is a highly sought-after business and mindset strategist working solely with soul-aligned entrepreneurs who are building massively profitable businesses in alignment with who they are.  She has mentored thousands of business owners across diverse industries to do business differently. Each month she shares her expertise in a particular business area designed as an immersive learning experience.  Masterclasses are free and open to entrepreneurs at any level of success. Masterclasses meet on the 4th Thursday of each month at 1 pm ET via zoom.  


Meet Your Host

Camille L Miller,

Founder, Chief Visionary, & Master Strategist for the Soul Professional Society 

Recognized as the pioneer of the Soul Professional Society, Camille is on a quest to assist entrepreneurs in building authentic businesses that impact the world. She founded the first global professional organization celebrating the evolution of soul-led entrepreneurs who are ready to awaken their financial and spiritual potential. Camille is a transformational leader and celebrated influencer in the field of entrepreneurship. She also serves as a Professor of Advanced Business Strategy to MBA students at a leading New Jersey University.  Her private work has had great results with high-caliber individuals wanting to marry who they are with what they do or wanting to overcome resistance, fear, and limiting beliefs ultimately unlocking their conscious wisdom and creating the life and business they truly love. Her mission is to guide and support you to align your SOUL with your WORK and help you achieve PURPOSE BEYOND PROFIT.

She recently released her second Amazon Bestseller, The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Successful Soul Professional: 22 Powerful Strategies to Grow Your Soul Aligned Business hitting #1 New Release in Woman & Business. Her debut book, The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business hit Amazon Bestseller status in five categories including Starting a Business, and ranked #3 behind Joe Dispenza and Brene Brown in Personal Transformation & Spirituality. Her third and last book of the series, The Ultimate Guide to Leaving Your Legacy hits the shelves in September 2024.

Camille believes there is no great secret to creating a massively profitable business that aligns with your soul’s purpose. There is, however, a need to shift your mindset to get there.

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Upcoming Events

Join Us Every Fourth Thursday from 1pm-2pm ET via Zoom. 

Feb 22

Building Your Authority

Mar 28

How Attract Your Dream Clients

Apr 25

Showing Up Authentically in Your Business

May 23

Overcoming Underearning 

June 27

Building a Constant Cashflow for Stability 

July 25

Creating Your Client Avatar

Aug 22

Authentic Networking

Sept 26

Finding the Courage to Raise Your Prices

Oct 24

Enhancing Your Personal Brand

Nov 21

Marketing and Promoting in Alignment

Dec 19

Strategic Reflections: A Year-End Business Review for Success

Jan 23

Fresh Start: Business Planning for 2024

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