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The Natural Life Business Partnership


Free Masterclass Series

NLBP is proud to present our free monthly Masterclass Series for our community and future members. Each month is taught by a Soul Professional who has expert knowledge or skill in a particular area of business. The curriculum for each Masterclass is designed by the instructor and is an immersive learning experience. All programs are recorded and stored in our Learning Academy for later reference.  Monthly masterclasses are free and open to all soul-aligned entrepreneurs at any level of success.

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September 28

Know Your Money, Grow Your Business: Setting Your Business Up for Financial Success

Do you feel confused or overwhelmed when it comes to managing the money in your business?  Are you making money but feel like you never have enough left over at the end of the day to pay your bills - and yourself? During this masterclass, you will learn some simple and actionable strategies to get your business finances in order so you can save time, stress less, and keep more of the money that you earn.

Sara Fins is an expert Financial and Certified Health Coach and retired CPA who spent over a decade as an accountant in the corporate world and a decade running her own health coaching practice. Now she blends her accounting background and entrepreneurial experience to help other solopreneurs manage and master their business finances with ease.

Through her private coaching programs, workshops, and her signature course, “Easy Business Bookkeeping,” Sara helps small business owners feel confident managing their business finances so they can save time, stress less and keep more of the money that they earn.

When Sara isn’t working with clients, you’ll find her hanging out with friends and family or curling up with a good book in her Long Island, New York home. She loves to travel and see the world and her favorite place to relax and recharge is at the beach.

Sara Fins

Financial and Certified Health Coach and retired CPA

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October 26

Public Speaking with Power

76% of people admit to fear of public speaking—and we’re pretty sure everybody else is lying. The ability to connect with an audience as your authentic self can mean the difference between being celebrated for your work and being stuck on the sidelines. In this interactive 1-hour session with Fearless Communicators’ Yonatan Gebeyehu, a top public speaking coach for entrepreneurs, thought leaders, executives and Fortune 500 companies, you’ll get:


  • Vocal/physical hacks to disrupt your body’s fight-or-flight response to public speaking 

  • A mindset framework that turns panic into power

  • A freer, more connected voice so that you can speak publicly as your authentic yourself

Yonatan Gebeyehu (he/him) is a professional actor and public speaking coach with Fearless Communicators in NYC. As an actor, he recently been seen on screen on the TV shows Madam Secretary, Elementary, Prodigal Son, and more. He has taught both acting and public speaking at the University of California San Diego, NYU, and The Shakespeare Theatre Company. Yonatan works with clients across Fearless Communicators' 1:1 programs, in corporate facilitations, and in small group intensives. He is passionate about widening the scope of diversity and inclusion on our stages. He’s a Taurus and proud of it! BA in English Literature from Columbia University, MFA in Acting from the University of California San Diego.
Fearless Communicators is a dynamic public speaking coaching business, dedicated to the amplification of diverse voices. We work with a global community of speakers on “what to say and how to say it.” Our clients have included presidential candidates, UN diplomats, TED speakers, C-suite executives, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 companies.

Yonatan Gebeyehu

Professional Actor and Public Speaking Coach with Fearless Communicators

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Who is NLBP?

We are a non-conforming and integrated professional organization for soul-aligned business owners, entrepreneurs, and conscious leaders who want to build wealth and create greater social impact.

We are a business and mindset incubator that is designed to awaken the financial and spiritual potential in each member to build wealth in all areas of life. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a global movement and safe professional community for the evolution of the new, purpose-driven, soul-aligned professional. By building alliances, strengthening our mindset and repairing the world collaboratively.

Our Purpose

We have a unique value proposition combining an alternative way of doing business with building wealth and professionalism. Our goal at NLBP is to spread awareness that there is a new way to do business.

Join us for our free monthly masterclass specifically for soul-aligned business owners, entrepreneurs, and conscious leaders. 

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Come Learn Differently With Us!!!

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