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Join Camille at our next
Future Members' Meet & Greet

The Soul Professional Society at the Natural Life Business Partnership (NLBP) is a unique professional organization and powerful business incubator for soul-led business owners, entrepreneurs, and conscious leaders who are looking for strategy-focused think tanks, accountability partners, and transformational coaching and mentorship with Camille, a world-class business strategist and MBA professor at a leading institution of higher education. You also surround yourself with other growth-minded individuals who have been where you are now.  We are who we hang out with!


We are more than just networking. We build businesses. Our professional society encompasses entrepreneurs in every field and discipline from just starting out to high-earning, visionaries scaling their brands beyond $1M. 

Surround Yourself with Success!

Learn about the Soul Professional Society

Soul-Professionals are mission-driven  entrepreneurs who. . .

live in a higher vibration, have an alternative approach to business, and are here to help repair the world.

Our Future Member Meet & Greets are open to anyone exploring membership with us.  This is a no-pressure small roundtable-style event to meet with our Founder and Chief Visionary, Camille Miller, to learn about the many programs and benefits of premium membership. You will be able to introduce yourself, ask questions, and hear from others in our global community.

This is the best way to see if investing in premium membership is right for you. 

If  You  Are:

  • Aligned with our mission to create success from a place of authenticity

  • Ready to show up, share best practices, and build to the next level of success with other growth-minded individuals

  • Looking for a high-level professional group  and strategy-focused think tanks to support your journey

  • Doing the inner work to create your outer success

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Join us at our next Meet & Greet to learn more about premium membership.

Who is NLBP?

We are a non-conforming and integrated professional organization for soul-aligned business owners, entrepreneurs, and conscious leaders who want to build wealth and create greater social impact.

We are a business and mindset incubator that is designed to awaken the financial and spiritual potential in each member to build wealth in all areas of life. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a global movement and safe professional community for the evolution of the new, purpose-driven, soul-aligned professional by building alliances, strengthening our mindset, and repairing the world collaboratively.

Our Purpose

We have a unique value proposition combining an alternative way of doing business with building wealth and professionalism. Our goal at NLBP is to spread awareness that there is a new way to do business.

Join us for our Future Members' Meet & Greet events for soul-aligned business owners, entrepreneurs, and conscious leaders. 

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Grow Your Business Differently With Us!!!

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