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90 Days to Goal Challenge

#90 Days to Goal Challenge
​Oct 1st - Dec 31st,​ 2022

Get ready to surprise yourself with our most loved 90-Days to Goal Challenge! 
This unique Challenge is an NLBP member favorite with personal coaching, challenge check-in calls, accountability triads, and a tribe of like-minded professionals cheering you on each day.

2022 marks the 5th Anniversary of this Challenge and over the years we have seen participants crush their goals and quadruple their revenues.

Are you ready to join us?



This Challenge is for anyone in a PAID membership level who is ready to uplevel their business and challenge themselves to be more while surrounding themselves with a community of support and co-creating with an abundance mindset. 



Each challenger will be guided to set a goal that is attainable but a stretch for where you are in your business. You should feel a bit uncomfortable but also excited about how reaching that goal changes your business. 


During the 90 Days, Challengers post in the Member-Only Facebook group on what they are doing to achieve their declared goal. Sometimes this is a small step. What we are looking for is small wins.  It doesn't have to be a big leap forward to post. Sometimes just showing up on a  call or sending one email is a win for the day. Also, encourage and support other Challengers every day.  Comment, cheer, like, and express support on others' posts. As the days go by we want to create momentum throughout the 90 days.

As a full member of NLBP, all Challengers can also take advantage of all our micro-communities and other member programs along the way. 



All Challengers (regardless of membership level) have the option to be matched with an Accountability Triad for this Challenge. Triad members work together as an accountability group, meeting weekly to closely monitor each other's progress toward goals. This program is normally exclusively for Soul-Proprietor members but during the 90-day challenge, we open for all levels to experience.  



This bi-monthly call is facilitated by Camille and designed to compare notes about what's working, what isn't, and why and a safe space for our members to serve as mentors and support one another.  We talk candidly about our experiences, celebrate our successes, and speak frankly about our frustrations. You get instant access to objective feedback and constructive analysis of your ideas and issues. This group call enables our Challengers to learn from and advise each other through the sharing of experiences and best practices in a non-competitive and confidential environment. This program is normally exclusively for Soul-Proprietor members but during the 90-day challenge, we open for all levels to experience.  


This is not a competition between members. It's a competition with yourself and a great way to get you to stretch yourself a bit and build solid momentum into the New Year. This could be a personal goal or professional expansion but choose something that brings you joy at the end of 90 days.  In that regard, everyone who participates is a winner and a superstar in their own right! 


That being said, at the end of the challenge those that participated get to vote on the one challenger who was the most inspiring player for 2022.  Each member gets one vote for our Community Superstar, the person who gave their all to this challenge. One person who really pushed through their goals and not only posted regularly but cheered other members on with thoughtful comments and encouragement. They not only hit their goals but shared their experience of their journey which in turn encouraged and motivated others throughout the Challenge. 



Our Community Super Star will win a Six-Figure Soul Psych-K Strategy Session with Camille and then another 90 days of personal one-on-one coaching with bi-monthly check-ins and personal access for questions and help. You will have direct access to Camille and together will build a strategy and work together in whatever capacity best suits the winner to get him/her/they to level up and expand. The package value is $12,900 but is free for our Community Superstar.

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