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3 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

At the Natural Life Business Partnership, we are in our 90 Day to Goal Challenge, and this week, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about setting goals. It's the last quarter of the year. So, whatever you're doing now is going to reflect in the first quarter of 2022.

How do you set the best goals for you?

The trick is to set very specific, measurable goals so that you can attain whatever you need to by the end of the year to build that momentum into 2022. If your goal at the end of the year is to get more clients, what are you changing today to get those clients? Let’s face it. The situation you are in today is because of the things you did (or didn’t do) 90 days ago. So, we'll use ‘getting more clients’ as our example.

Step #1: Create Your Goal

The first thing we want to do is make “more clients” measurable. We don't want to say, I just want more clients. That's not really a goal. You want more clients, but more clients could be just one, right? Because it's more clients than you have today. Make it measurable by putting a number to it and a deadline to achieve it. “I want ten more clients before the end of the year.” Great! You now have a goal.

Step #2:Create Your Strategy

Now you need a strategy to get those new clients. If you have no strategy to back up that goal, you’ll get to the end of the year being frustrated and not reaching it. Here’sa simple way to start. Say there are weeks left in the year. If you break your goal down into twelve weeks, “I want ten new clients in the next 12 weeks” how do you actually go about getting those clients? Let’s say the strategy you choose is networking. “I will get 10 new clients by the end of the year through networking.” Next, you need to layout the action steps.

Step #3: Create Your Action Steps

Since you chose networking as a strategy, one of your action steps might be conversations. “I'm going to have five new conversations every single week” (action step 1). It's very measurable and if you get to the end of the week and if you didn’t have those 5 conversations then you know you’re not working your strategy.

Next step is to break that down further. How are you getting those conversations? Well, “I'm going to go to two networking events” (action step 2) and out of that, “I'm going to schedule five follow-up one-on-one conversations”. Note, you will need to meet more than 5 new people to schedule 5 one-to-one conversations. And, I would suggest making 6 appointments because one will inevitably cancel.

And then from there, “I will invite at least two people into a discovery call” (action step 3) or whatever that next thing is for you. Note not every conversation will turn into a discovery call or client. You need to know what your personal close rate is to create the best plan. So, two people into a discovery call and then, say your close rate is 50% so “one person will buy my package/become a client”(action step 4)

What does your plan look like?

You have to understand what your funnel looks like. With the example above one out of your 5 new people you met will turn into a client, so to get 10 new clients you would need to close one person per week (assuming the first week you are still having the conversations and not closing until week two). So, with this strategy, you could possibly hit your ten people by the end of the year, those twelve weeks.

How many conversations do you have to have with random people, every day to get those initial appointments? You may also want to chart out the follow-up and how many times you need to talk to one person. It’s different for everyone but knowing your strategy and action steps will get you to your goal!

Does that make sense? You need to layout a very measurable, very specific strategy to get to your goal. In the example above we kept it simple, but youcould,maybe evenshould, have more than one strategy for your goal. Another strategy could have been social media. Then you make action steps for that.

Let me know if this was helpful. I do free training each week in our Facebook group so join me there for more helpful tips.

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