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Honoring Who You Are in Business

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Are you honoring who you are in your business? Can you openly tell people what you do with courage and confidence?

Many members express that they “don’t fit in” most business organizations. That they shy away from talking about their intuition, spirituality, or they suppress their values when discussing what they do. Is this you?

At the Natural Life Business Partnership (NLBP) we embrace this side of being a soul professional. We acknowledge that there is a paradigm shift happening in the entrepreneurial world and an evolution of a new, conscious, soul-aligned professional is evolving. People are redefining their business to fit the person who is awakening inside of them. They are growing personally and exploring what matters for them, and then consciously correcting pieces of their business to align.

I am in a unique position as an Alternative Business Engineer to help people marry their purpose with profit. For over 7 years now I’ve dedicated my life’s work to helping soul-centered business owners become global entrepreneurs embracing both their spiritual side and their chosen profession. I’m telling you now, you can have it all! And the beauty of doing it this way, is there is no competition. No one can be you! It’s a job and career that is filled with possibility, personal growth, and abundance from the beginning.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to completely surrender to the experience and live and work in harmony to who you are inside?

It's all about honoring who you are.

I see so many entrepreneurs struggle to break free and embrace their spiritual side in business. We’ve been taught that being “professional” is a certain way of life. What you wear, how you present yourself, whom you know. Some of that is true, I pride myself on being “professional” but I also embrace my spirit. I speak from my heart. I do things differently. I believe in the Law of Attraction. I use alternative medicine. I talk about abundance and allowing. I’m not into the transactional side of a relationship but more who a person is inside. Think like an entrepreneur. It takes courage to align yourself with others that think differently, and it takes confidence to shift to this new way of doing business.

I honor who I am. Do you?

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