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Trusting the Process

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Trusting the process means sticking to a long-term plan even in the face of not-so-great short-term outcomes. Because let’s face it, things aren't always going to happen the way we want them to happen.

In my daily contacts with entrepreneurs in the professional community, I'm always hearing, “I created this amazing program, marketed it effectively, and no one bought it. So now I’m trying something new.” They are giving up before they truly know if it’s the program or just the way it was presented. It could be that the new course is breakthrough stuff, but the entrepreneur is not trusting the process and is giving up before they have even tested the new material. Is this you? When trying something new, regardless of what that is for you, you need to keep showing up. For me this year I started to do TikTok videos. I don’t get a lot of likes yet...however, I keep doing them. That’s my process. I don’t not show up because I’m tired or no one is watching. It’s the commitment I made to move forward. It might not pay off right away but sticking to the process and trusting that it will pay off is part of the plan. You can’t give things a week or two and then quit, right? That's not really trusting the process. The trust is when I keep going regardless of the immediate outcome. Think like an entrepreneur and stick to a well-grounded, well-thought-out methodology to carry out a long-term goal. Being successful is a process. It is not an overnight event. I know that you would probably love to be successful overnight. We all do but many of the people that we watch on social media didn’t become an overnight success either. That is not how life really works. They worked at their craft for years, likely had made huge failures and encountered entrepreneurs challenges along the way too. We always think we should be further along no matter where we are. We compare ourselves to others without knowing their story or creating our own process to get us there. If you are a success overnight and you didn't really build it, the chances of you maintaining that's success aren't really so great, because if you didn't create a process to allow that to happen. Many entrepreneurs believe once they achieved a set goal, they will be a success. This causes people to place an insane amount of stress on themselves. They get really anxious when they experience a step back. It ends up killing their motivation when your emphasis becomes about the result, and not trusting the process.

For example, you need 3 more clients by the end of the month, and you’ll do anything to get those 3 clients. However, if you don’t trust the process you put in place those 3 clients come with a lot of heartache. They may not be the most ideal clients for you and your business. They will end up costing you more time and money. However, when you trust the process, you will find you may get 2 perfect clients this month and 4 perfect clients next month with easy and flow. And isn’t that a better way to build your business?

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