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Early Bird

Register before August 31 and get a FREE 30-min PSYCH-k Session with Camille

Financial IQ Quiz

Your springboard to a new relationship with money!

Are you ready to pursue your purpose, claim your power, & build your wealth? 

The Natural Life Business Partnership

with Camille Miller

Break Through Your Money Fears & Earn What You Deserve


starting September 22nd

Every Friday 12pm ET

Learn the Inner Work, Outer Work, & Higher Work It Takes for Success from a Master Instructor and Six-Figure Soul®

If you are an under-earner, live in financial chaos, don't charge enough,  self-sabotage, are in debt, procrastinate, can't seem to prosper, feel disorganized, or resistant to anything financial...

This course is for YOU!

"I'm truly not operating in survival mode anymore, and that my efforts (inner & outer) are no longer going towards picking myself back up or merely staying afloat, but towards actual growth & success. Mind blown again. Celebrating that for sure." 


Just 10 Weeks to Reset Your Mindset and Earn What You Deserve!

  • Home Study Alongside Weekly Group Zoom Meetings

  • Private 24/7 Online Student Discussion Group  

  • Includes One Private 1:1 Coaching Session with Camille to Ensure You Stay on Track and Complete the Work in 10 Weeks

  • Short Digestible Lessons with  LIVE Group Discussions and Integrations

  • Community Sharing of Experiences and Best Practices

  • Downloadable Worksheets and Exercises

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The Best of Hybrid Training

Weekly Online Lessons
Private Student Discussion Group
Weekly Acceleration Calls
Plus 1:1 Coaching with Camille

Regularly $1997
Incredible Deal at
$997 (same cost for the 8-week virtual-only course)
$777 for NLBP Premium Members
*Non-US businesses may be eligible for a discount. 

Early Bird

FREE Financial Abundance Workshop and Q&A

This workshop is for growth-minded individuals who are ready to take control of their finances and create a massively profitable business with a rock-solid mindset.  It is a pre-cursor for Camille's Six-Figure Soul Bootcamp so we will be sampling exercises from the course and answering all your questions so you can decide if the Bootcamp is a good fit for you.

This is an interactive one-hour workshop hosted by Camille to sample the Bootcamp and her learning style. 

If you are ready to:

  • Be Supremely confident

  • Get out of Debt

  • Earn more

  • Work Less and

  • Have more cash in the bank

Then register to learn more about our 10-week Six-Figure Soul Bootcamp! 

Break Through Your Money Fears & Earn What You Deserve

Led by Camille Miller, NLBP Founder & Chief Visionary

This program is designed to give you a fresh approach to breaking the poverty mentality, so you can fast track your path to financial independence and become a Six-Figure Soul. The course is designed as a step-by-step journey to uncover your financial blocks and lay the groundwork for getting everything you desire. We do a lot of inner work before we tackle the outer work. 

Each week we add to your toolbox allowing you to create a personalized action plan for long-term change ultimately living a comfortable life and accomplishing your dreams. You first need to declare what you really want then, we will explore the blocks and barriers through exercises and discussions, and finally inspire you to think BIG and stretch beyond what feels comfortable to get the results you want.

Group & Individual Training

This course is a combination of self-study and a weekly group accountability program with rich community support and personal coaching. You will get the most value by doing the reading, exercises, and deep self-discovery work on your own each week then sharing your unique obstacles and your situation in the private discussion group or weekly accelerator call. 

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Virtual Meeting

Weekly Accelerator Calls

Every week you get personalized guidance from Camille in a group call. Discuss how to get around the hurdles that pop up for you and other students as you move through the coursework. Get ongoing support to help you identify whether the “hurdle” you see is the real problem, or whether you’re bumping up against something deeper—and how to move through it and reach your goals. 

Private Student Support Group

It takes massive support to reach the next level so if something comes up during a lesson we encourage you to share with the community. Everyone in the private group is at the same step, doing the same exercises, and reading the same material. This group is meant to keep you going, cheer you on, hold you accountable, provide resources, and inspire you to aim higher. Change can be difficult and requires courage and a supportive community. After all, you become who you're with.

Using the Laptop

This Class Will Help You...

  • Understand the science behind underearning

  • Unpack your subconscious beliefs about self-doubt & resistance to making the money you deserve

  • Build your self-confidence and shed your limiting beliefs

  • Stop undervaluing yourself, your time, and your skillset

  • Get out of your comfort zone and start stretching yourself

  • Stop imposter syndrome, negative self-talk, & projecting your money blocks onto potential clients

  • Discover the secret to financial freedom

  • Earn what you deserve!!!

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Girl Working in a Cafe

What Our Students Are Saying!

Many students have doubled or even quadrupled their income after completing this course, and they can't stop raving about the positive impact it had on their lives!

Who knew a credit card could hold so much emotion

"I spent a better part of yesterday and most of today taking control of my finances. Reviewing accounts and finally taking the next steps in closing as many as possible. I immediately started crying.. I know this too shall pass and I will be so thankful when I am out of debt, living my six-figure soul life that it will all be worth it! Thank you to this class...for pushing me to be the strongest version of myself (and then some)!"

I am loving these worksheets!

"I just uncovered about $1,500 dollars we're frivolously spending! The me before this Bootcamp would be angry about the spent money, the me of today is really excited I just discovered $1,500!"

Financial growth and
self discovery

"I have been struggling for the better part of the past five years financially. I vowed this year to change not only the desire to be debt-free but to change what I am doing about it. The Universe has heard my cry for help...I am ready to be debt-free and to provide for my family. Thank you Camille for this opportunity!"

FREE Financial IQ Quiz

Picture a life where you no longer undervalue yourself, your time, or your skills. Imagine living comfortably, accomplishing your dreams, and becoming a Six-Figure Soul. You'll unlock the secrets to financial freedom and gain the confidence to stretch beyond your comfort zone

TAKE the Financial Abundance Success Quiz to help you identify how this class will best serve you with your current state of mind. Use it as a benchmark for your current Financial IQ. At the end of the Bootcamp, we will retake the quiz so we can see how much you move during the 10-weeks.

Your Master Instructor, Creator, & Host


Camille L Miller MBA, Ph.D. ABD,

Founder and Chief Visionary for NLBP and the Pioneer for the Soul Professional Movement.

Camille is a seasoned business strategist for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to create a massively profitable business while operating from a place of authenticity. She aids in both the inner work and the outer work by providing strategic direction while clearing the limiting beliefs blocking success. 

She is the Pioneer of the Soul Professional movement and founder of a global business incubator, the Natural Life Business Partnership. She also hosts the weekly podcast, Six-Figure Souls: Doing Good & Making Money, highlighting soul-aligned entrepreneurs who crushed the six-figure ceiling and still feel in alignment. They are making money AND serving others.

Camille is a two-time Amazon bestselling author ranking #1 new release in Women & Business and #3 behind Joe Dispenza and Brene Brown Brown in Personal Transformation & Spirituality.  She  believes there is no great secret to creating a massively profitable business that aligns with your authentic self. There is, however, a need to shift your mindset to get there. 

Course Curriculum

This course is not only identifying & reframing your beliefs, but we tackle forgiving yourself for the debt you may be in, and the choices you made up until now.  First, you tackle exercises in developing self-confidence and financial clarity. Then, we begin to connect the dots and dig deep into financial statements and understanding the cash flow in your business. We calculate your current financial position and your net worth. At the end of the ten weeks, we teach you how to maintain your financial strategies to build wealth and talk about creating a community of support to continue the result you will definitely get in this class.

Weekly Breakdown
Week #1: Welcome to the Course
Week #2: Laying the Groundwork
Week #3: Identifying Your Subconscious Beliefs
Week #4: Breaking Through Your Earning Barriers
Week #5: Financial Clarity- Connecting the Dots
Week #6: Midterm Catch-Up and Private 1:1 Meetings
Week #7: It's Time to Make More Money
Week #8: Stretching & Creating Your Community of Support
Week #9 Appreciating & Respecting Money
Week #10 Reflecting on the Last Ten Weeks

Course Workbook

​Once you register you are required to purchase a hard copy (not an audiobook) of Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny to participate in the class. This book is used as a course text & workbook along with other weekly reading assignments and diving deep exercises. All other supplemental material will be provided as part of the course.

"Just reading the book wouldn't have given me one-twentieth of what I learned with you." Dr. Susan K.

Additional Texts

This course also uses passages and worksheets from the following texts.

You will not be required to purchase these books.
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