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Programs & Benefits of NLBP

As a soul and heart-driven business owner. Your deepest desire is to have a thriving business and life on your terms.

NLBP is here to support you and provide all the resources you need to scale your business like never before.  Check out what's included in each level

​Can't make the time slot? Don't worry most programs are recorded and available in your All-You-Can-Consume Learning Academy.


NLBP Micro Communities are how our highly successful and sought-after members mentor other members in their proven expertise. These member-led special interest groups are valuable coaching opportunities to help you grow personally and expand professionally. At NLBP we want every member to reach their full financial and spiritual potential. Groups meet monthly to provide a safe space for discussion and exchange of ideas as well as to network and strategize. Micro-communities are included with membership and there is no limit to how many groups a member can enjoy plus we are always adding more.