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3 Clever Ways To Reach Your New Year Resolution This Year

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Promises you make with yourself are the most important ones, and thus must be kept. That is the thing about new year's resolutions.

As the year advances, one comes across hurdles upon hurdles. While dealing with one mess after another, it is hard to remember what resolutions you made for yourself at the start of the year. However, as time marches on and the end of the year comes nearer, it excites us. A new year feels like a blank slate that you can fill with your desired goals and achievements.

You can dream all you want, but without a proper plan to reach your destination, it will go in vain. You’ll eventually end up in a similar situation as before.

Therefore, along with making a new year's resolution, one should also make a strategy to fulfill it. Getting a mindset coach for entrepreneurs is a step forward for a business person. Yet there are several other ways.

Stick to Your New Year Resolution by Using These 3 Simple Life Hacks

In this article, we have opened our mysterious pochette that tells you all about how to achieve your new year's resolution. We have compiled a short but effective list for you that includes in it some of the best tips to achieve goals that matter. Read on to gain some insight!

Club Together

Begin working on your new-year resolution by making a partner with similar goals as you’ve made for yourself to achieve over the year. Having someone who can hold you accountable whenever you are distracted can be immensely helpful to keep you on track.

This trick can also help you to keep yourself motivated throughout. In the shape of a partner, you’d have a constant who not only shares your journey but is struggling with the same problems as you do. You two can also divide your resolution into some micro-goals and plan to execute them well.

Together, you both can hold each other accountable, celebrate the small wins while you move forward, and deal with the challenges like a small team.

Be Specific and Be Realistic

Avoid being vague as much as possible while you set out to make your new-year resolution and be realistic about what you can achieve over one year.

For example, your goal should not be “I’ll lose weight” or “I’ll be financially independent at the end of this year”; instead, it should be “I’ll lose x kg weight till the end of the year” or “I’ll earn x amount of money through this channel on my way to be financially independent.”

This approach will also help you to be realistic about what you want to achieve. Another tip for staying realistic about your goals throughout is to set daily actions for the significant milestones you have mapped out.

For example, your bigger milestones can consist of the progress you will make over a longer period like a year or two, while your daily goals would ensure that you are working each day to achieve those milestones. Adding a daily reminder to your phone for these goals can prove to be extremely beneficial in this regard.

Think of the Whys to Stay Motivated

All of us have got our highs and lows while we deal with what life is throwing at us. During this, we sometimes battle with our surroundings and sometimes with ourselves. Sometimes we win and sometimes the circumstances are victorious, often pushing us into the darkest, lowest pits of self-pity and depression.

During times like these, you need to still keep working on your resolution, even if you don’t want to. The key is to remind yourself of whys, more than your whats. Always remember why you chose the goal that you chose and why exactly you need to keep going.

You also need to avoid being too hard on yourself during your low days. Getting a little done is far better than not doing anything at all which might happen if you keep pushing yourself too hard.

End Note

Do you want this year to be different? Then unlock your potential by sticking to your new year's resolution this year. Through this blog, we have tried our best to help you out in the beginning of your journey. But if you’d still like to know more, do not hesitate to look for other options. Such as reputable organizations and institutions offering personal development webinars or self-improvement courses. The key is to keep doing whatever you started or planned to start because the results are simply a byproduct of time and consistent efforts.

Have a great new year! Celebrate yourself to the fullest.

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