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8 Tips to Finding Your Life's Passion

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

It seems that we are all in search of our life’s passion, but what is a passion anyway passion anyway? In short,it’s the perfect fulfilling combination of career, love, family, dreams, and reality.

You may feel that spending a few moments thinking about your passions and dreams is a waste of precious time – what with all the other obligations tugging at your sleeve: career, kids, bills, errands, etc.

However, these few moments might just be the defining moments of your life! You could discover the one thing that enables you to find true happiness! In fact, most of us could benefit by spendingmoretime considering our life’s passion.

Here are 8 tips to help you discover your life’s passion so you can live a fulfilling life:

1. Evaluate.What do you feel is lacking in your life? What do you have that fulfills you? Make a list, and consider options that bring you what you lack. As Abraham Hicks reminds us often, knowing what you don’t want helps us learn what we do want.

  • Feel gratitude and appreciation for the good things you have that fulfill you. Before I go to bed each night I list in my head the great things that happened during my day and I feel in my heart the gratitude. If it’s hard for you in the beginning just keep it simple like, I’m grateful it didn’t rain today or I’m grateful I had eggs for breakfast. As you practice the art of gratitude it gets easier.

2. Set goals.Write out your most important short and long-term goals and dreams. Start with a small step that you know you can accomplish. For example, if you always wanted to open a clothing store, start taking classes on business or fashion at the local college.

  • Small, achievable steps assure your success! I always suggest to members to create a 5-year vision plan without thinking about the obstacles to achieving your goal. What does that look/feel like? When you see and feel your long-term goals the ‘how’ will come to you when you stop the worry and allow it.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff.Decide which of your stressors are small issues and which ones are large. Is getting dinner on the table 5 nights a week a real concern or can you let that one go?

  • By letting the small stressors go, you can free up your mind to strategize ways to reduce, eliminate, or cope with what stresses you the most. Also, think of leveraging others in your life to help with the tasks you don’t enjoy. Who else can cook dinner?

4. Analyze your time.Which activities take up most of your time? Do you desire more time for other, more enjoyable activities? If so, then develop a plan to restructure the time allotted for each activity. Chunk like tasks together such as writing for your business in the morning or prospecting for new clients every Monday and Wednesday at 11am. That way you don’t have to worry about that task at other times and don’t forget self-care time!

  • Make a schedule with your priorities and stick to it. I make time each week for my mind/body/spirit work. It’s important for me to have my space and work on me. I also keep a logbook at my desk of all the time I spend on my business. It helps me determine how my time is spent each day on what tasks and what I’m making per hour.

5. Consider your fears.What is stopping younowfrom taking steps towards what you want in life? Is it a fear that you won’t succeed or that others will think less of you? Do you fear how things might change if youaresuccessful? We never realize when we are blocking our own success. Are you secretly doing negative self-talk? Attempt to fulfill your life passion despite your fear.

  • Facing your fears will make you feel empowered and more capable. I was blocking myself for a long time without realizing it by my self-talk “I will make money after my divorce is final.” That’s exactly what happened too! I had a member this week tell me she wants her business to thrive but then followed that comment with every reason why her business being successful would interfere with her family. She was self-blocking without even realizing it. Are you doing the same?

6.Make a change today.Think of one small change you can implement today to improve your life. Each day’s accomplishments will show you that you are, indeed, moving toward fulfilling your life’s passion!

  • Look for your small win! If your goal is to run a marathon but you are 100 pounds overweight and have never run, your small change might be to walk down to the neighbor’s house and back three times a week. Once you do that set another small attainable goal like getting to the end of the street and back each day. Celebrate each successful week too!

7. Leave regret behind.Once you start feeling success in pursuing your life’s passion, you may wish you had started earlier in your life. Push these thoughts of regret out of your mind.

  • To eliminate regret, remind yourself of this wonderful opportunity you have discovered that is changing your present and future. There is no room for regret! Your past made you who you are. Each experience is a valuable lesson in life. Be grateful for your lessons and move forward with passion and enthusiasm.

8. Seek a supportive community.Talk to anyone and everyone you can think of to gather positive tips, advice, and experiences. Seek out those people that you feel understand you and support your plan. Surround yourself with positivity and people that will share their secrets, their perspectives, and the thoughts that motivate them.

  • Find your Tribe! Finding a collaborative community of like-minded friends and professionals will help you move your dream forward. If you are already on your path networking with more successful entrepreneurs will help bring your business to the next level. You become who you surround yourself with. Choose wisely!

Pursuing your life’s passion can start you on a journey that brings you more joy than you have ever imagined. Following these tips and techniques will help you to develop a successful strategy for turning your hopes, dreams, and desires into your reality.

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