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My Thoughts, Attitudes, and Beliefs are the Genesis of my Success

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Success is the result of my own thoughts and actions. Thoughts lead to actions which lead to results. I alone control my thoughts, actions, and results. This means that my success is totally under my control. My thoughts lead directly to my actions. I understand that what I have taught myself through my thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs create MY reality and have a direct impact my success. I understand that my thoughts are not enough to create success but give rise to my actions by directing my behaviors. Thoughts are only the beginning, but they are critical. Success begins with the thoughts I think each day. Sometimes all that is necessary is be become consciously aware of my thoughts and think differently. The thoughts I choose to think can affect my mood, prosperity, spiritual outlook, perspective, and self-esteem. I have the power to think, rationalize, and make positive decisions. Good decisions lead to effective actions. I see the world not as IT IS…but as I AM. ​

“Changing subconscious beliefs creates potential. Putting them into action creates results.” – Rob Williams, MA, PSYCH-K Creator

It is ultimately my action or inaction that is the creative force in my life. Strong beliefs such as “I am a powerful,” or “I create successful businesses” profoundly influence my ability to perform effectively. Any action has a result. By taking effective actions, I can accomplish anything. I carefully choose my actions in accordance with my goals. For example, I exercise to become physically fit. Before I take an action, I ask myself what is the goal I expect to accomplish with this action? Today, I am committed to thinking positive thoughts and taking effective action. I am creating success today. I am aware of my goals, and I take the steps to make them a reality. Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. What do I think about during the day? Are those thoughts likely to lead to actions that will bring success?

  2. What was the primary cause of my last failure? Was it a limiting belief that I created?

  3. What small step do I need to take today to reach my larger goal?

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