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Find Greater Abundance When Sharing Your Time and Talent

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Consider sharing your time and talent with those that are less fortunate. You’ll be surprised by the benefits you receive by giving to others in this special way. Most of us feel we don’t have any time or talent to spare, but that’s rarely the case. Even a couple of hours each week can make a meaningful difference in someone’s life. Give to others and get more in return. Consider these benefits:

1. Enhance your community. When you donate your time and talent locally, your community is improved. Not only do strangers, friends, and family benefit, but you also benefit. Take an active part in your community and help everyone around you.

2. Take a volunteer position in an organization. You’ll become well known as a generous and significant person. Volunteering can often help your career and overall social connections. You never know whom you might meet along the way.

3. Those that volunteer have fewer health issues and often live longer. You can expect to be healthier and happier if you volunteer regularly. Several studies suggest that volunteering is more beneficial to seniors than diet and exercise.

4. Helping others can be a great distraction from your own challenges. It’s hard to think about yourself while you’re helping others. Give yourself a mental break and volunteer your time or talent to those who can use it.

5. Feel good about yourself. Helping others give us another reason to feel good about ourselves. Sharing your time, talent, or financial resources with others is a form of kindness and generosity. You’ll feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment when giving to others.

6. The more you give, the more you get. The more you help others, the better you feel. It never seems to fail. When you’re generous, good things just seem to happen. You can never predict the benefits you’ll receive. It also makes you forget about your own problems when you help others with theirs.

7. Your social circle will grow. This is especially true if you donate your time. You’ll encounter others that share your desire to be altruistic. Not surprisingly, those that volunteer can make great friends. You already know they’re likely to be wonderful people. Imagine spending more time with others that are motivated to be kind and helpful.

8. Discover that your life is better than you thought. You may have a few challenges, but you’re likely to come across others with challenges that are far greater. Realizing how difficult life is for some people makes your own issues seem a little easier to manage. Your perspective is changed.

9. Gain a sense of purpose. When you choose a volunteering opportunity, you’ll naturally choose a cause that you believe is meaningful. When you spend your time on meaningful activities, you’re filled with a sense of purpose.

10. Giving of yourself. Find an organization that resonates with your values or someone just starting out in a career you are well established in. You’ll look forward to the time you spend.

There are many people that need help for one reason or another. Whatever your position in life, guaranteed there is someone struggling who needs your help or your knowledge in some area of their life.  We all have something to share with others. Plus, you can gain a new perspective that makes your own life seem more manageable. Help others and help yourself in the process. You can’t do something nice for someone else without benefiting in some way. Over 75% of the population doesn’t volunteer in any capacity. Even one hour each week can provide benefits, both to others and you.

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